Kentico Marketing Automation

Deliver personal client experiences with Marketing Automation

The greatest challenge facing marketers that need to engage a large demographic and many leads is how to deliver the right message at the right time to each individual contact.
Marketing Automation gives those marketers efficient tools to nurture leads, deliver complex campaigns and engage customers with relevant content. 

The right message at the right time

Your clients go through many phases in their life, and that's why it's important that you deliver content and initiate sales activities that appeal to their situation. It's especially important to deliver them in a personal way that doesn't make you sound like a robot. Marketing Automation makes it possible to do just that, and situations you might typically use it in include:

  • Nurturing of leads - it's about delivering engaging content to potential clients as they go through the purchasing process - to ensure that they remember you, but also to establish an understanding of your expertise in your field.
  • Complex campaigns - create interactive campaigns where each step is based in customer's reactions to your communication efforts.
  • Customer guidance - make it easier for your clients to make purchases, for example by reminding them of unfinished checkouts or whitepapers they have requested but have yet to pick up.
  • Engage existing clients - maintain your contact to existing clients by giving them useful tips and educating them in how to achieve the best possible result with your products and services. 

Marketing Automation should be easy to use

Marketing Automation is an ongoing process that is never done and always demands adjustments that are based in what you experience and how your communications strategies unfold. That's why marketing automation is controlled by the communications and marketing team rather than IT, and that's why Kentico's Marketing Automation is designed from the ground up with a simple drag-and-drop interface that smooths the process of establishing new campaigns or updating the workflow of current activities.
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