SOS Children’s Villages' web platform

Making it easier to give

Like many NGOs, SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Børnebyerne) relies on donations made by members of the public. A key tool for securing these contributions is its web platform, but with thousands of charitable causes competing for attention it is now harder than ever to stand out online. Only those that can create a seamless user journey – connecting a gripping humanitarian story to the ‘donate now’ button – can hope to secure the audience they need to make a difference. In 2012 , struggling with an ailing CMS and a poor conversion rate, SOS Children’s Villages decided to partner with Addisolv in order to craft a compelling web experience for prospective donors.

Flexible CMS and responsive design deliver a better UX

Having enlisted the services of Danish web design agency Sorthvid, SOS Children’s Villages had already taken a step towards realizing this ambition. To replace what was originally a static and article-heavy website, Sorthvid defined a strong philosophy to simplify and rationalize users’ experience: “A good story is told in simple words and pictures and these should point directly to conversion opportunities,"
says Jonas Therkildsen, information architect at Sorthvid. However, the challenge of how to implement this story online remained.  


Addisolv’s solution was to rebuild the SOS Children’s Villages website on the award-winning Kentico CMS. Kentico CMS offers a solid platform with the flexibility to handle multiple media types, just like those demanded by Sorthvid’s storytelling approach. Today, rather than confront dense text and complex navigation, the new site gives users something far more emotional and intuitive: eye contact with a Vietnamese girl and a simple call to action – "Give an orphan a home for only 5 kroner a day." As a specialist in responsive design and a Kentico partner, Addisolv harnessed the unique benefits of the CMS to deliver content, features and functionalities across all devices. This flawless integration makes it even easier for potential donors to learn more and make a contribution, wherever they are.


The keys to a successful rollout

The Danish version of the new SOS Children’s Villages website rolled out in 2013. Reflecting on the key success criteria defined in the original brief, project manager June Starling concludes that it was expert knowledge of the CMS and strong, process-driven management that decided the choice of partner: “Our original CMS was based at SOS international headquarters in Austria. So we needed a local supplier, one with practical experience of Kentico CMS and the ability to manage the deployment task. That is why we chose Addisolv." 



SOS Children’s Villages is a non-governmental international development organization. Operating in over 130 countries, the organization helps children that are separated from their biological parents – often through war, natural disasters, disease or domestic violence – by providing family-based care, a home and an education.

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