Children's Welfare

Betting on strong digital core services

Children's Welfare (Børns Vilkår) is an organization dedicated to supporting children and teenagers suffering from a variety of problems. In 2010, to reinforce their efforts, the organization chose to optimize their website with an improved informational architecture, interactive web modules and a strong visual design.



Children's Welfare has a very broad demographic, consisting of children/teens as well as their parents. That's why it was essential that they have an informational architecture and a design that accomodates all users. Their goal was to make it easy for the user to acess the relevant portals while finding specific information in a quick and convenient way.
To shed light on the needs and search access of the target demographics, Addisolv led a workshop for Children's Welfare to clarify their goals.

"The development of our new website was founded in a workshop conducted by our own employees and members of the Addisolv team. Clarifying our vision has been a useful starting point, since all of our goals were clear from the beggining."
Christophe Kirkegaard, Director of Communication, Children's Welfare


The Children's Welfare website was developed on Sitecore CMS, and the design was kept colorful and lively to make the content comfortable and engaging for the primarily young demographic.
A variety of applications became part of the solution - for example BørneChatten, which allows children and teens to connect with other children or teens that have similar problems and/or experiences. There is also a mailbox, BørneBrevkassen, which allows users to pose questions to Children's Welfare employees, after which they can write back to advise the young questioner. A comments field also exists for other users, who can contribute with their own experiences. Don't worry, these comments aren't published until Children's Welfare approves them.

Children's Welfare employees are able to employ modules developed during the campaign to focus on selected topics that they want the website to emphasize. The teaser-elements involve the users and create life and interactivity on the site.
Another new development is the opportunity to make donations directly through, just the way users know it from normal e-shops. The same is true for initiating a membership, which has provided a great opportunity to raise the numbers of donations and members.

One of the solution's top priorities is ease of searching, so that users have the option of finding previous letters concerning exactly their issues. Searching can be narrowed to various categories like alcohol, drugs, age, sex, etc.. It's also possible to search using ID number, which makes it possible for users to find letters that they themselves wrote.
In addition to these efforts, a great deal of work was put into structuring the solution so that a user who is interested in a particular topic - say 'suicide' - is presented with more campaigns, letters and other content that are related to that topic.


About Children's Welfare

Children's Welfare is a private humanitarian organization that has dedicated itself to the children of Denmark for over 30 years, but especially one that has dedicated itself to those children who face exceptional difficulty. They hope to ensure that every child can access the help they need, and guarantee those children the decent childhood and fulfilled life they deserve.

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